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Frequently Asked Questions
What is documentation?
Documentation is the federal registration of vessels (avg. 27' & over) with the U.S. Coast Guard. Each vessel is assigned a number which is permanently displayed on an interior part of the hull.
A certificate is issued which identifies the owner.
What are the advantages?
It can simplify the sale of a yacht as it identifies current and previous owners of the vessel and has the ability to record mortgages & liens. It is recognized in international waters and can help ease port clearances. If you plan on doing foreign cruising, I would recommend documenting the boat.
Most states do not require you to display numbers on the bow if documented. Most states will require you to register and display the state decal. Every state is different; I'd recommend you check with the state where the boat will be kept.
Can anyone document a boat?
No. You must be a U.S. citizen or a naturalized citizen.
If a corporation, it must be incorporated in the U.S., the CEO must be a U.S. citizen, the Chairman of the Board be a citizen and no more of the directors are non-citizens than a minority of the number necessary to constitute a quorum.
Will I be exempt from sales tax?
No. In most states it has no bearing whether a boat is documented or not.
When should I call Creative Yacht Solutions?
No time like the present. The sooner the ground work is laid the smoother the closing will be. It just takes a quick phone call.